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Honour Role


1953 F Johnson M Smith Wally Woods (Prize Saddle)  
1954 F Johnson M Smith Wally Woods (Prize Rifle)  
1955 F Johnson M Smith    
1956 F Johnson M Smith    
1957 F Johnson M Smith    
1958 F Johnson R Steel Jack Sullivan  
1959 F Johnson R Kumnick Jack Sullivan  
1960 F Johnson R Kumnick Jack Sullivan  
1961 F Johnson R Kumnick Ray Crawford  
1962 F Johnson R Kumnick Bob Hocking  
1963 F Johnson R Kumnick Barry Gravener  
1964 F Johnson R Kumnick Bonny Young  
1965 F Johnson R Kumnick Chilla Seeny  
1966 F Johnson R Kumnick Buddy Gravener  
1967 F Johnson J Lillis Maurce Height  
1968 F Johnson J Lillis Des Seffersen  
1969 F Johnson J Lillis Tom Kenny  
1970 F Johnson J Lillis Garry McPhee  
1971 F Johnson J Lillis Garry McPhee  
1972 F Johnson J Lillis Terry Donohue  
1973 F Johnson J Lillis Keith Hood  
1974 F Johnson J Lillis Nev Mc Carthy  
1975 F Johnson J Lillis Allan Simpkin  
1976 F Johnson J Lillis Nev Mc Carthy  
1977 F Johnson J Lillis Bob Berg  
1978 F Felstead J Lillis Steve Hodge  
1979 F Felstead J Lillis Ron Wilson  
1980 F Felstead J Lillis Mark Rowe  
1981 F Felstead J Lillis Allan Simpkin  
1982 D Hodgkinson R Benton Mark Rowe  
1983 D Hodgkinson R Benton Les Bell  
1984 D Hodgkinson R Benton Bernie Smith  
1985 R Hicks R Benton Terry Noonan  
1986 R Hicks L Heatherington Norm Hilton  
1987 G Robbins L Heatherington    
1988 G Robbins R Gervasum Dave Johnson  
1989 C Browne R Gervasum Steve Thorn?  
1990 C Browne R Gervasum Dave Shegog  
1991 C Browne G Robbins Robert McPhee  
1992 D Drumond M Henderson Glen Perkins  
1993 D Drumond M Henderson Robert McPhee  
1994 D Drumond J Williamson Danny Fraser  
1995 G Robbins J Moure Danny Fraser  
1996 G Robbins J Moure Allan Wood /Terry Noonan?  
1997 G Robbins T Chapman Glen Perkins  
1998 G Robbins T Chapman Robert McPhee  
1999 T Chapman G Robbins Mark Knox  
2000 G Robbins T Chapman Scott Fraser  
2001 G Robbins T Chapman Clancy Middleton, Jr  
2002 G Robbins T Chapman Kerry Johnson  
2003 G Robbins T Chapman Travis Edwards Cherie Mc Walter
2004 A Villella I Shilton    
2005 A Villella I Shilton    
2006 A Villella B Dussin    
2007 B Browne B Dussin Rhys Angland  
2008 B Browne F Ivone Brad Pierce Vicki Schiller
2009 B Browne R Rickard    
2010 B Browne R Rickard    
2011 B Browne R Rickard    
2012 R Rickard D Murphy    
2013 R Rickard D Murphy    
2014 K Kennedy D Murphy    
2015 K Kennedy D Murphy